Offshoring – What Does It Mean? Part 4 – DIY

The last structure I wanted to cover is incorporating in the Philippines.  Incorporating (or Doing It Yourself) requires a lot of commitment (legally and financially) but will give you ultimate control of your offshore team.  In short, you will be setting up your own business in the Philippines, which means you’ll be responsible for all facets of your offshoring team – from setting up a business in the Philippines, infrastructure, hiring, management and others.

Incorporating in the Philippines requires the management of a lot of moving parts – legal, HR, management, IT and payroll to name a few.  Once set up, you have complete control of your work output and IP management – for all intents and purposes, you are opening up an office of your business in the Philippines.  Because of the level of commitment required, incorporating in the Philippines is more the domain of large corporates.

So there’s my overview of the four structures we mainly come across when chatting about offshoring.  If you have any questions about any of these structures or would like more info on offshoring to the Philippines just drop me a line.



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