Offshoring – What Does It Mean? Part 3 – Offshore Staffing

For small to medium businesses looking for more security and control of IP, Offshore Staffing is a fantastic option when looking at outsourcing to the Philippines.  In short, Offshore Staffing is the act of engaging a full time professional to work 40 hours a week exclusively for you.  By Offshore Staffing via organisations like FiltaGlobal, most aspects of the hiring and employment process are looked after for you – leaving you to concentrate on managing your people and focussing on outcomes.  Typically, the offshoring organisation will take care of legally employing your staff member and assigning them to your business, providing office space, computer and communications, and managing a working environment where your staff member be happy and prosper.  You will be responsible for your staff member’s day to day management and their output.

By ‘hiring’ someone full time (via the offshoring organisation), businesses can have a tighter control of their work output without the cost of setting up a company/infrastructure in another country.   Additionally, the reliability of a full-time resource means businesses don’t need to worry about the unpredictability of freelancing and the uncertainty of process in outsourcing.

Offshore Staffing – the best of both worlds

Offshore Staffing, especially in the Philippines, allows Australian businesses access to an amazing amount of technical talent servicing various parts of the world.  This structure isn’t new in the world of outsourcing, and there are many talented people working in the US, UK and Australian markets while being geographically based in the Philippines.  What’s surprising to many people is regionally specific skill sets such as Australian BAS Accountants (as an example) are available in places like Manila and Cebu.

For Filipino professionals, working in a full-time position for an Australian company is like winning the Golden Ticket.  The timezone is more appealing than working with a US firm, there’s a high cultural alignment between Australia and the Philippines,  and it’s an opportunity to work in the fast-growing Australian market.


  • Control over the recruitment and staffing process – you can work with the offshoring organisation to ensure you find a professional who best fits your organisation – both culturally and technically.
  • You have a dedicated resource allowing you to invest in training and development.
  • You can take advantage of a talent pool of professionals currently working in larger markets than Australia – albeit from the geographic location of the Philippines.


  • Commitment – Offshore Staffing is no different to hiring your own staff in Australia – your staff member works for you 40 hours a week.  For some, this level of commitment may be too much.

In my mind, Offshore Staffing is the best solution for any small to medium business looking to take advantage of overseas talent.  The reliability of a full-time staff member provides added security to the whole offshoring process, and by taking your time through the recruitment process you give yourself the best possible opportunity to let offshoring work for you.


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