If you’re a small business wanting to build a offshore team in the Philippines, you need to consider this…

Speaking to Australian SMB owners every day, there’s definitely more of an appetite for building offshore teams in the Philippines now than ever before.  Particularly in the disciplines of Accounting, Web Development, and Administration, the Philippine offering is constantly improving with many highly skilled, highly driven and highly experienced professionals interested in working for Aussie […]

A happy side effect of a great offshore team

Sometimes, having an offshore team has some really nice side benefits you don’t expect. When we started offshoring (with our old business) it was all about getting transactional processes done at a cheap price.  However, we quickly realised offshoring teams work best when you have the right people in the right roles taking ownership and contributing […]

Offshoring – What Does It Mean? Part 3 – Offshore Staffing

For small to medium businesses looking for more security and control of IP, Offshore Staffing is a fantastic option when looking at outsourcing to the Philippines.  In short, Offshore Staffing is the act of engaging a full time professional to work 40 hours a week exclusively for you.  By Offshore Staffing via organisations like FiltaGlobal, […]

Offshoring – What Does It All Mean? Part 2 – Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a popular option for businesses looking to use international talent without assuming too much risk or commitment.  Outsourcing (Business Process Outsourcing or BPO for short) refers to the process of engaging a third party (outsourcing company) to perform your business processes such as back office support, accounting, software development or similar, rather […]

Offshoring – What Does It All Mean? Part 1 – Freelancing

Offshoring tends mean different things to different people.  Even though tend to use Offshoring or Outsourcing as blanket terms, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution when using an overseas workforce. I want to introduce you to the four major offshoring structures I come across frequently – Freelancing, Outsourcing, Offshoring Staffing and Company Owned […]

Offshoring – it’s easy, I promise.

Recently I’ve been asked a lot about offshoring.  There’s no doubt offshoring staff is becoming more commonplace every day.  For many small businesses, offshoring staff to countries like Philippines has become a great way to minimise cost while not compromising quality. We’ve had offshore staff (in the Philippines) for just under two years now, and the […]