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What do your interviews say about you?

Have you ever hit the candidate jackpot, a person with the perfect experience, personality and price, only to have them walk out of your office and into the arms of the competition? It’s a unique kind of headache, that one: your back on the starting blocks, while your rival is leap frogging ahead with your employee.

I see this all the time in my line of business and have seen plenty of reasons why. That said; 99% of them are solved with a quick review of your interview process to make sure it represents you and your ethos towards employees.

Here are four basic tips to help you along your way:

1.       Have a plan and try to stick it.

Acting flustered and being lost for words is charming when you were sixteen and trying to survive your first date. Now that you’re a professional interviewing another professional for an integral business role, that type of behavior rings alarm bells and sends candidates running for the hills.

The solution: make a plan and stick to it. Know what you want before your interview. Articulate the position clearly. Describe your culture. Explain your expectations. Define the candidate’s future in your business.

2.        Round two.

The best hirers in Brisbane have more than one interview. The reasons are A) it offers a second chance to vet the candidate B) it allows them to re-sell their company and their role c) it communicates that they are planned and considered so the person hired feels all the more special for being selected.

3.       Keep it moving.

A slow recruitment process tells people one of two things: that you’re slow to do business, or the role is just not that important. So avoid these perceptions. Engage with potential employees and let them know you’re serious about the role. Keep your recruitment process moving.

4.       Remember the No’s

If unsuccessful candidates walk away from your process with their heads held high it can only be good for business. Because you may not have hired them today, but you met them for a reason and you never know what opportunities you’ll have tomorrow.

Good people work for good organisations. Treat your interview process seriously and you‘ll have you’re your pick when it comes to attracting the best people in the business!

Happy Recruiting


About Efren Chaux

Efren Chaux is an experienced recruitment and search specialist. Australian based with international experience, Efren has had the privilege of assisting some of the world most respected brands acquire experienced and motivated staff in a variety of different disciplines including Sales & Marketing, Information, Communication & Technology, Human Resources and Senior Management.

Additionally, Efren has been able to assist experienced professionals of all levels with career guidance and employer attraction strategies to not only find their next role but also define their career paths.

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