Recently I’ve been asked a lot about offshoring.  There’s no doubt offshoring staff is becoming more commonplace every day.  For many small businesses, offshoring staff to countries like Philippines has become a great way to minimise cost while not compromising quality. We’ve had offshore staff (in the Philippines) for just under two years now, and the experience has been an overwhelming success.  We’ve got great people in our business who know their roles and add massive amounts of value.  It hasn’t all been smooth sailing, but we’ve…Continue Reading “Offshoring – it’s easy, I promise.”

I read a fantastic article in The New Yorker this week about Hendrick Motorsports and how they’ve improved the effectiveness of their pit stops through a more practical approach to recruitment.  In short, Andy Papathanassiou, the Director of Human Performance at Hendrick Motorsport says “A huge piece of the puzzle for us, in terms of performance, is better and better raw materials.” By recruiting college athletes, Hendrick Motorsports have improved the efficiencies & times of their pit crews and today, nearly all NASCAR pit crews have followed…Continue Reading “Are you looking for the best raw materials for your business?”